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AWS uptime: measured in years

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Five minutes to year

When I started composing this post, the uptime count of one of my Amazon EC2 instances, the one I keep my private repository on, was 364 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes.

So, cheers to the longest VPS uptime I have at the moment. No, that's not an idle VPS. There is a very busy repository running there. There are very CPU-intensive tasks running there from time to time. Development occurs, as well. However, that didn't prevented the instance from running for a year without becoming inaccessible for even 5 minutes.

To those interested, I have ordered another reserved instance (subscription, to make hourly costs lower). Let's calculate: $100 for three years, $0.005 hourly. Given there are 365.25 days in a year, it makes an average of $6.43 a month (traffic not counted; the VPS is low-traffic anyway).

None of VPS/cloud hosting providers I tried were able to provide that high stability and close cost-performance ratio. That's very strange to me. I read about redundancy, high availability blah-blah-blah, but not even 2 months of uptime, in most cases. With I had sometimes up to 4 months. And that's all.

Be my host!

Another quest was to find, whether any other host can match the current one, Blue Light Host, in terms of cost-performance.

Well, GridVirt is very close in terms of cost-performance. But all the other VPS/cloud SSD-using providers are too far behind. I wonder, why?

Looks like I have, finally, stable and convenient enough haven for my blogs, and there's little chance to find a matching mirror for it. I will keep several VPSes, since mirrors must always be ready and at hand.

Perhaps I should repeat the challenge description once again. If there is a provider that could match or defeat Blue Light Host in terms of cost-performance (beating them for every of: memory amount, UnixBench score, IOPS counts — every parameter divided by monthly price) and can provide at least 3 months of uptime (if the servers hangs or is rebooted due to its owner's actions, it doesn't count for uptime end), I will pledge I will use that provider's services and promote it, without any payment, as long as I am on the Net. Ah yes, the hosting provider must stay in business for at least one year since the moment of my signup. Otherwise, my VPS should become free at that provider an/or all the money I've spent is returned.

Looks like no one is able to challenge Blue Light Host, and I can only say I recommend you their services, for I am quite glad to use them.

Looks like providing reliable, fast, immune to downtimes and inexpensive hosting is quite a challenge for the absolute majority of hosts.

Have a nice hosting and stay tuned!