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Good-bye, BlueLightHost - welcome, Contabo



I started using VPS/cloud services of BlueLightHost in late April, 2012. Since I am now leaving their hosting facility (more about that below), I suppose it could be fair to provide review.

All in all the impression was and stays highly positive. If I was offered to place ratings, 1 to 10, for BlieLightHost's services, current values would be:

  • Availability/connectivity: 9 of 10 (I suppose not their fault, since I am mostly connecting from Russian Federation)
  • Uptime/stability: 10 of 10
  • Cost/performance: 10 of 10
  • Support (overall: response time, expertise level etc): 9 of 10 (9 because of response times that could be slightly less, to make me feel quite comfortable)

It's kind of 'launch and forget' type of services. If everything is well tuned from your side, you can just let it work. Support will inform you of any planned maintenance and is quite eager to assist if any problems arise.

Since I almost always use unmanaged services, my communication with support is required only in case of outages/resources reallocation/other events I have no power to handle myself.

Why I am leaving, in such a case? There are several reasons: first, I try to move all my VPSes to KVM virtualization. Second, BlueLightHost has no plans at the moment to support IPv6 networking, and I will need that in foreseeable future.


Contabo, a.k.a. Giga International, is a company with 10+ years long story. Apart from their VPS offers were quite attractive, I also value the number of years in business and first impressions of support.

To those interested: I spent 4+ months testing Contabo VPS prior to making decision. I.e., not a hasty transfer, I don't like changing providers, it's always a headache and much ado.

This post reopens active state of VPS Seer blog, since I feel recovered enough from the latest health issues preventing me from active networking. Stay tuned!