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Combo test drive

SSD disks are fast, but expensive; «usual» drives (SAS, SATA) are less expensive, but slower.

Which to prefer?

Note that I asked you an incorrect question. No one says there can't be two types of storage available at the same time. Just as in case of earlier, Openvirtuals offers two types of storage: SSD and SATA at the same time. After having etsted that, I admit this is a good offer: fast I/O isn't that important for all the tasks; in my case, rarely used data are often stored elsewhere, and frequently used ones (database files, for example) are on faster media.

That's simple.

However, I liked Openvirtuals, since I happened to notice how do they handle conflicts with their customers. And I liked the way they did that.

Crash tests

This summer, I tested many a hosting plan. Alas, most of them have been canceled. Note that there's nothing bad, in general: testing gave me many chances to communicate with hosters and build impressions of them.

To test capabilities, I run benchmarks. They are all listed on the SSD VPS benchmarks page; some of tests can stress file system. Whereas it itself doesn't bring much harm, it can obviously alarm hosters.

My advice to you is to ask hoster first, run benchmarks afterwards. Otherwise, you can run into troubles; especially if you haven't read ToS?AUP first.

Well, usually I ask permission to run tests. At times, I forget. Since OpenVZ-based VPSes react poorly to I/O and some other stress tests, it's important to have hoster in course of your actions. Well, in case of Openvirtuals I forgot to ask.

However, when I was contacted and reprimanded, it turned out we could discard the incident; after communicating with hoster for a while, everything was settled.

technical support and overall attitude towards customer are primary criteria when choosing a host. Well, at leat I am sure they are. So far, I selected hosts after testing their attitude and support's level of expertise, and it never failed.

Reasonable question is why I canceled services at Openvirtuals. The asnwer's simple: I phase out OpenVZ from the list of servers I use, and at the moment Openvirtuals offered no other virtualization. Apart from that, the quality of their services is excellent.

Oh, and I quite forgot to add: there's an offer from Openvirtuals' on I recommend page. The offer expires on 30-th of September, 2013, so make sure you act soon enough!

It's not an affiliate link. I earn nothing — I only allow you to receive a small, but pleasant discount. Have a nice hosting with Openvirtuals!