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Limited time offer: 30% off prices, a well-known cloud hosting services provider, sent me a note today about new 30% off pricing for their cloud VPS plans.

To those in a hurry: here are the prices as a chart. Just click on the picture to try that for real.

Impressed with prices? Me, too. I was so impressed, that I have created a VPS, to serve as a backup mail service for myself.

History and benchmarks

I have first tried's cloud servers a year ago. To save some time, here are year-old data about some VPS types. I am sure the company has improved the efficiency of their services, so I plan to test the parameters below anew.

PlanUnixBench scoreSequential write speed, MB/sIOPS, random readIOPS, random write

I am sure you will agree the above are excellent results for KVM SSD-based VPSes. And the prices were quite low and attractive even without the discount.

You can download the entire data of the above benchmarks via this link: (900 KB), for closer study.

Personally, I recommend services, having quite a good experience with them. I hope you will, too. Note that above is limited time offer, but even after it expires the prices will still be quite lucrative.