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KeyCDN: first impressions first

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In quest of CDN

Sites should work fast, pages should load quickly. This axiom of Web hosting is too trivial, yet it's the cornerstone of sites popularity.

My recent study, namely SSD-based hosting, showed that it didn't result in lightning fast sites all over the 'Net. Superfast storage becomes more and more common, but sites are, were and will require optimization. One of them is serving rarely changed content off content delivery network, CDN.

I have had experience with several CDNs. To name a few most interesting: MaxCDN, CDN77, Amazon CloudFront. At the dawn of 2014 summer I had to start looking for a CDN to migrate to. Believe me or not, but KeyCDN was the second I found when searching for corresponding keywords, and it took quite little time to decide to give it a try.

Costs, speed and so on isn't exactly what matters. Every hosting is good when everything's running smooth. Attitude to customers is what makes difference. I like the attitude at KeyCDN.

First impressions

I keep sites with relatively little traffic. So CDN I choose should be of "pay as you go" type. I see no sense paying monthly bills for service I do not use.

I like building purely static files (it might be a shock, but such sites can still be convenient in our dynamic era). So, I should be able to serve the entire site off CDN's facility. Beyond other conditions, it means that CDN must be able to understand what is index file and how to serve it.

I wish to be always in control and have full access to statistics. CDN should provide as up-to-date information on my using its resources as possible.

...there are many conditions, in fact. But what I value most of all is attitude from CDN support team.

Decision to choose KeyCDN as new home for my very static content was made when this service implemented a feature that I needed to satisfy all the conditions above, but which was missing. Do you often encounter such an attitude towards user that doesn't pay yet for your services?

So, I chose to trust first impressions and stop looking for more candidates for CDN.

What's next

Comparison is what makes reports valuable. So, let me provide some figures, to make this post more informative for those in quest for CDN:

KeyCDN features:

  • pay-as-you go; credits you buy do not expire; you receive 1 free credit (worth 25Gb of transferred data) for free
  • push zones, pull zones, Video on Demand and Live Streaming zones supported
  • SSL available — either shared, or your own certificate
  • $0.04 per Gb of transferred data; $0.90 per Gb per month of stored data (pull and live streaming zones do not charge for storage)
  • easy to understand user interface
  • 16 PoPs all over the globe, more to come
...and the I liked most of all. Less than an hour to respond, polite and helpful.

Experience tells me that most adequate impression is formed after 6-9 month of usin service. So expect more reports from me about KeyCDN,a s well as comparisons of CDN services I used earlier.

Happy content delivering to you!