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Benchmarking intrinsics

Since I was told the tests listed are too simple and hardly very reliable, I should tell what actual tests I usually perform when considering a new home for my sites/services I develop.

When the mentioned UnixBench, fio/iozone are giving acceptable values, I install Phoronix test suite and run intensive tests on all subsystems efficiency (CPU, memory, disk).

I also run some SQLite-based tests (working with a large database).

After that, I install my favourite Web environment (Nginx, PHP-FPM w/XCache, memcached, MariaDB/PostgreSQL), install a copy of my old blog with a big DB and run tests on concurrent Web pages loading.

Although most of the above is automated, it takes quite a hell of time. This is why I only invest in it, if I really consider the hosting provider to be among services I use.

This is why I am reluctant to test everything I encounter. There's just 24 hours a day, and I perform testing at my own expense (no one is assisting and I usually buy the plan I test). Given all that, I can't do much of testing of hosting providers you are interested to test, but I of course will if I have time. Thanks, and stay tuned.