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SSD Nodes: clone your servers

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It becomes hard to select the optimal type of host from the variety of SSD VPS providers (new ones are appearing literally every day). Naturally, I prefer choosing those that take into account customers' suggestions.

In my case, a typical use cases for VPS are: a) testing/development server and b) template server I use to make a 'turnkey' virtual machine for a customer of mine.

In either case, what I need is the ability to make a snapshot of a VM and to clone more servers using that snapshot. That saves time and efforts hugely, since the initial setup could take quite a time, even though it's mostly automated.

This is why I suggest paying attention to the latest changes at SSD Nodes, know for its fast and efficient VPS/DS plans. The latest news are below.

In addition to monthly plans, there are also Quarterly (3 month), Biannual (6 month), and Annual (12 month) payment options, with steeper discounts depending on the term. This will allow you to plan cost-effective, long-term investments in your infrastructure.

Cloning of existing nodes (servers) is now available. You can choose to clone any existing node by selecting the corresponding option in the "OS" section of the order form, and specifying which node to clone in the notes section (at no additional cost).

You can create an image of any node's OS disk by ordering the add-on "Create Node OS Image" for any new or existing node — then simply select the corresponding option in the "OS" section of the order form to deploy. This allows you to set up a "base" image that can be stored for as long as the add-on is kept active, and can be used on both new and existing nodes. This is a great option for reverting back to your "base" image and also for deploying many nodes, and only costs $5/mo for storing the 8GB OS disk.

A new referral program is also worth mentioning. The essence: both you and the new client will receive 20% of the order (10% for dedicated servers) credited to your accounts. It should be clarified that this applies only on month-to-month plans. Quarterly (3 month), Biannual (6 month), and Annual (12 month) orders will receive a 20% credit equivalent to one month worth of services, since these plans already have long-term discounts applied. For instance, if a new client orders an Atomic Node ($99 monthly) on an 12-month basis ($999 annually), both you and the new client will receive 20% of the monthly equivalent: $20 ($40 total) credited to your accounts - that can apply directly towards invoices or new orders.

If you use SSD Nodes to create servers for your customers (if you are, like me, a system administrator or Web designer), all the above is very convenient for both you and your customers.

If you are still unsure of the efficiency of the offered plans, you can have a look at one of the benchmarks. To have the mentioned amount of money returned to your account balance, simply mention my name (Konstantin Boyandin) in the referral part when ordering.

Happy hosting — and stay tuned!