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To be, or not to be: no support is best support

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Good support is...

...dead support, perhaps. I do not assume we are talking about dreams of vengeful customer that gets actually no support when he assumes to have one. The examples are many. Search on a popular hosting forum for something like «bad support» and you will get thousands of threads.

No, I am speaking about companies that build their business model on limited or virtually absent support.

If you wish to see examples, visit No Support Linux Hosting or Both are solid, reliable Web hosters with good reputation.

Yesterday I signed up for the service from the same team that runs, and successfully, No Support Linux Hosting. I have a hosting there and can confirm: definitely is worth the huge sum of $1 per site per month.

Simply a VPS

Namely, I purchased a VPS from No Support VPS Hosting. Its benchmarks can be seen here.

All the required tools, namely the ability to assign a rDNS record and reload OS used are available. Apart from those, the only event of required support is VPS going down. Hardware does break, it happens.

So, the question is, how many such limited support services could appear?

Personally, I don't think there will be many. I can't fathom dedicated servers at a price of 1$, or more powerful and hi-tech types of service. But the extremely low price can co-exist with good quality in many industries.

To those interested: the ordered VPS is relatively slow. I appreciate the frankness of the service owners: if a customer receive equal share of everything, then an average VPS can use reliably 0.274GHz of CPU speed and approximately 300 Mbps of link speed. Not too much, yet the VPS could be very useful for «light» tasks and could exhibit good results even with heavy applications such as Drupal. I will check that, as well.

Happy hosting and good uptime to you! Stay tuned!