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Budget VPS plans


On this page you can see budget VPS plans. In this blog, «budget VPS» means one of:

  • VPS price per month is 7.50 USD or below, or
  • VPS price per month is 6.00 EUR or below

It's OK if VPS plan should be prepaid for more than one month (i.e., yearly cost of 60 USD makes the plan budget one).

Click on the plan link (on their names) to view the details of the offer, more information and/or signup link.

Plans pages can be commented. If you are using one of the mentioned plans, your review after a reasonable time of plan usage is very welcome.

Hosting providers: you can suggest to place your plan here by contacting me and choosing appropriate type of subject. Thanks in advance.

Plan name Hosting provider Datacenter(s) Price Type RAM Expires (D/M/Y) Rating
OpenVZ Standard USA (New York) 5 USD OpenVZ 0.5 Gb Never
Roll Your Own Cloud VPS USA (Las Vegas) 3.95 USD OpenVZ 0.25 Gb Never
vps-256 USA (Denver) 4 USD OpenVZ 0.25 Gb Never
KVM Mini Germany (Dusseldorf) 4 EUR KVM 0.25 Gb Never
VPS1 USA (Los Angeles) 4.99 USD OpenVZ 0.25 Gb Never
SSD-VM-256 USA (Olathe) 4.95 USD OpenVZ 0.25 Gb Never
512Mb SVZ USA (Dallas), USA (Atlanta) 5.63 USD (special) OpenVZ 0.5 Gb Never
ST-VS1 Netherlands 3 EUR (special) OpenVZ 0.125 Gb Never
Small Germany (Dusseldorf) 4 GBP KVM 0.25 Gb Never
SSD #1 USA (Orlando, Florida) 5.99 USD (special) OpenVZ 0.125 Gb Never
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