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HP Cloud Service benchmarks

Earlier today I announced I have started testing HP cloud services (now in public beta). You are welcome to try them, too, for at least one reason: they offer 50% discount for all beta testers, during the Beta phase.

Also, the service overall is very attractive. At the moment I tried three of their services and read some documentation. The services have rich API, allowing to control entities out of command line/whatever you could invent for that purpose. The very existence of API makes me think HP decided to become quite a competitor to such well-known cloud-like service providers as AWS, GreenQloud and RackspaceCloud.

Code Cores RAM Price, USD/hour UB DD, MB/sec IOPS
Random read Random write
standard.xsmall11 Gb0.04 (29.22 USD/mo)1199.3261237391487
standard.small22 Gb0.08 (58.44 USD/mo)1977.09238267225
standard.large48 Gb0.32 (233.76 USD/mo)3097.427140840182

You can download the archive with all the benchmarking/system stats data, if you like:, three servers have been tested.

You can notice that IOPS random write are very low. I have contacted with a person from and he has told me that's a known problem, and that's being solved. Also, real-time billing isn't yet available. That would make even current beta state of HP cloud services very attractive. Well, I suppose we'll see a number of changes in the immediate future.

I only add a single screenshot: the manage servers screen. It's very simple and intuitive: create key pair, select new server parameters, click and have a working instance in 5-10 seconds. The picture is clickable, open it in a new window to see in full size.

HPCloud - manage servers

I continue to test/investigate HP cloud services features, stay tuned.