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Downtime hurts your profits and reputation. We get that.

That's why we offer a 100% network uptime guarantee with our powerful blend of Tier-1 bandwidth providers, capable of pushing up to 200 GBPS of connectivity.

Premium hardware.

Each node is built with a server-grade Xeon E1230v2+ processor and 32 GB+ DDR3 ECC RAM. Enterprise Samsung SSDs provide a theoretical max of 80,000 IOPS & 400 MBPS read/write.


By utilizing low-voltage hardware, Smart-Aisle cold containment pods, solar arrays, and hydro-electric power from the Niagara Falls, we're able to reduce carbon emission by up to 50%.

Unbeatable support.

Our army of tech minions works around the clock to ensure that your server stays online. Send in a ticket any time 24/7 and enjoy a prompt response from our native US staff.

Text taken from Armorshark home page.

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