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Company Overview

Atlantic.Net was formed in 1994 and has strategically evolved into a market-leading Cloud Hosting Provider. Atlantic.Net is recognized for providing exceptional business hosting service, simplifying complex technologies, and building a brand that businesses trust since 1994.

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Current rating 0.5 Gb RAM + 1vCPU + 10 Gb SSD, 24.12 USD

We use Linux KVM, which means you actually have exclusive use of your allotted RAM and hard disk space. Access to the hard drive and CPU are distributed across multiple virtual servers. However, for this reason, we maintain ample overcapacity and our systems are also constantly monitoring to ensure that you experience nothing but top performance.

You can build your hosting plans here. The specs in this post relate to minimal possible SSD VPS configuration.

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Our Company

Company Overview

Cloudive is a brand of Cloudive IT, LLC. After years of experience in Web Hosting industry, Cloudive was born of our desire to offer new technologies without the hassle of radical change to our existing customers.

In Cloudive, we are technology enthusiasts who never stop without reaching the ultimate excellence.

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About Fusioned

Fusioned is a hosting solutions provider specializing in enterprise web hosting, virtual servers and backup solutions. Build from the ground up, with quality services in mind, Fusioned has been able to provide exceptional uptime, fast support, and blazing fast page loads to it's customers.

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Who We Are

24Khost is a privately owned, web hosting provider. Since our founding in June 2010, we have been providing tools to empower users to do more with affordable hosting. We strive to provide high quality support on all our services.

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Current rating Private Cloud Server, 1Gb RAM, 50Gb, 7.95 USD

Cloud servers provide the feel of a dedicated server with root access where you can install and customize all the software you wish. Cloud servers require more administration time but also gives end-users a much higher degree of control and isolation over their system.

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Current rating SSD-3G, 2.7Gb RAM, 35Gb, 75 USD

Storm Servers with Solid State Storage - a New Era in Cloud Computing.

Our engineers have done it again, besting our own I/O performance record with the inclusion of Solid State technology! Storm SSD takes what was previously considered High Performance in Cloud Hosting and turns it on its head with the litany of advantages that come with solid state technology.

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Storm On Demand

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