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How to...

The best way of explaining anything is to describe, step by step, how to solve a problem.

This Book (a collection of documents it's planned to become) is dedicated to a number of question relate to those starting using VPS, dedicated and/or cloud server. It's based upon my own experience of being a system administrator and Web hosting user.

If you have a useful link, your own how-to and/or reference to one, feel free to leave it in comments. I'll add a link to it on the relevant page.

Note that I prefer short, algorithm-like how-tos. I don't like giant video courses, where someone unseen shows things that can be explained in three lines of text. I prefer text and I prefer to suppose the readers of my notes are able to read and can use their head to the fullest.

This collection is always under construction. It means new documents will be added, and existing ones can be updated when necessary.