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Home vps256, 0.25Gb RAM, 5Gb, 3 GBP

General data

How many IP's are provided?

Every VPS comes with 1 IP address, you may order more by opening a ticket to sales. Justification is required, additional IP's cost GBP 1.25/each.

Do you provide IPv6?

We currently are in the process of setting up IPv6 on all our nodes and will be available to all our customers shortly.

How long does it take to setup?

All VPS's are setup instantly subject to passing fraud checks & payment being received.

What can I host?

Please thoroughly read our terms of service which includes our acceptable usage policy. You may view the terms by clicking here.

Can I upgrade/downgrade?

You are able to upgrade your plan by opening up a ticket to sales however at this time we do not allow customers to downgrade after upgrading.

Do you provide a control panel?

All VPS's come with SolusVM control panel so that you can manage your VPS. Options include but not limited to reboot, reinstall OS and statistical graphs.

Is your VPS down or not working?

We will email clients prior to all maintenances and any occurred downtime, if your VPS is down and you haven't received notification then there may be an issue with your VPS. We offer basic managed service to all VPS's in which we can verify and try help you if your server is down.

5 Day Refund Policy

At our sole discretion we may offer you a refund if requested within 5 days of activation of service. This refund policy excludes refunds for add ons such as control panel licenses and extra IP's. If you violate our terms of service refunds are not given under any circumstances.

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Plan name: 
Hosting provider: 
Datacenters locations: 
USA (New Jersey)
VPS general parameters
2x Intel Core i7-3770 3.40GHz
0.25 Gb
Disk space (Gb): 
Bandwidth (Gb): 
2 139.70
Sequential write speed: 
IOPS random read: 
75 451
IOPS random write: 
37 001
Total votes: 350
Current rating