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Web hosting as simulated reality

Red pill and blue pill

Join the Matrix, Mr. Aragorn

In the beginning, Web hosting was rare and expensive endeavor. For both sides: I used to spend up to $40 monthly on shared hosting, offering huge 50Mb of Web space and 200Mb of traffic. Can you imagine how happy I was at having such an inexpensive hosting?

Now, when you read hosting forums/hosters' sites, you are looking at gigabytes of space and all the like. Damn, and it costs at times sheer $5-$10 a month! Those who never had hosting, say, 15 years ago, can't understand they are living in paradise. For a sum costing less than a very modest dinner, one can have a month' amount of resources enough to host a good site! Let's chortle in our joy.

However, the trend to have everything for nothing becomes an eerie usual part of this reality.

If you visit popular hosting-related forums, you will see customers battling hosting providers over the huge sum of $5 they should pay for unlimited disk space and traffic. There ain't no such thing as unlimited, but we'll talk about that later. People are ready to spend hours trying to find a hoster that would cost $4 a month for the same amount they see for $5.

Definitely, I cease to understand what happened to human beings. They stay in their Matrix, where everything is unlimited, inexpensive or even free; where there's 24/7 support guaranteed for the above resources.

Come on, folks, take you red pill before it's too late!

How unlimited is unlimited?

One hasn't to be an arithmetic genius to calculate average costs of investment into hosting. I understand why companies selling hostng products at a cost of, say, $5 and below tend to invest as little into personal support as possible.

How much does a support person's time cost? $50 an hour? $25 an hour? Even $5 an hour would be too much if user wishes to have immediate live support for their hosting at $5 a month.

People forget how to do math. People forget there's nothing unlimited — every resource in this imperfect world is limited, even the number of atoms in the Universe. Yet people forget to read ToS, where actual limits are explained, and come into rage when their sites are blocked for too much resources consumed.

Web hosting industry transforms into a virtual reality, where actual cost stops to mean anything. Every schoolboy can buy a cheap dedicated server (since their prices start with 9 Euro, or even less), download a free website design and proclaim themselves a Web hosting company. Judging by the heated discussions I see on such forums as WebHostingTalk, looks like most of hosters belong to that schoolboy type.

There are many hosters. Way too many. There are incompetent, greedy customers, wishing to get all the resources of the world at $1 a month or cheaper. Nothing but chaos might be the consequence. This is what emerges.

The first pages of any forum and/or directory related to Web-hosting should start with something like this:

«In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was RTFM!»