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OpenVirtuals Is:

  • At OpenVirtuals we're committed to providing a new level of openness and excellence in virtual server hosting.
Singularly Focused
  • We believe it's better to excel with one technology than be mediocre with many.
  • Since OpenVZ is the most flexible and efficient virtualization technology our main focus is to optimize the OpenVZ VPS experience.
High Performance
  • For optimal IO and vSwap we use SSDs in our storage clusters and VPS nodes.
  • We ensure maximum performance by transferring any runaway virtuals, without pausing them, to underutilized nodes.
Dynamic and Efficient
  • Hypervisors such as Xen dedicate precious memory even to sleeping virtuals, and tax the system with emulation and context switching.
  • OpenVZ efficiently pools and assigns all system resources dynamically, amongst its virtuals.
Highly Available and Scalable
  • We use Gluster's advanced clustering technology for high availability and seamless scalability.
  • In case of a VPS node failure we boot up the synchronized virtuals from a spare VPS node.
Extremely Generous
  • We offer more SSD storage, RAM, vSwap, CPU, and Traffic per dollar than anyone, and we're the only VPS company with Combo Storage.
  • Our uptime guarantee and SLA credits are unmatched. And we're extremely generous with our affiliates.
Committed and Accountable
  • We're committed to 100% uptime and we guarantee it.
  • We proactively issue a credit to your account, no questions asked, for any system downtime.
Truly Open
  • The open source communities that developed Linux, OpenVZ and Gluster have deeded treasure chests of technology to humanity.
  • Our aim at OpenVirtuals is to build upon those gifts and deliver a new level of openness and excellence in virtual server hosting.
And Revolutionary
  • The OpenVirtuals Dashboard reveals the resource utilization of your VPS node. We're the only VPS company open to this level of scrutiny.
  • This protects against oversubscription, and it's a revolutionary standard of service, but we think its about time.

    The text taken from About page.

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