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CloudSigma: clouds in Zurich

I have found reference to CloudSigma on a WHT board, and was eager to learn more, since this cloud hosting provider was also offering SSD storage for high I/O applications.

To those interested I will post longer review, with screenshots of control panel and the like, and with longer testing results. To start with, I received a personal support from CloudSigma (the person attending to my requests and assisting me in learning more is Yoanna Savova). I have never received such a friendly and detailed assistance before, so the decision to use CloudSigma for a number of my development use cases becomes stronger.

Benchmarks and the like will be posted shortly, in a few days. I would like to add as well, that CloudSigma launches first SLA-backed SSD-based storage solution. If you need an explanation: customers will be able to order a fast storage solution with guaranteed IOPS (efficiency). That should be a separate study, of course.

Most convenient feature of CloudSigma services is billing performed in 5 minutes intervals. If you are aware of AWS Amazon spot instances type of instances, you will understand me if I tell that pay-as-you-go billing scheme at CloudSigma uses similar approach, assessing remaining resources and their projected cost for pay-as-you-go (burst) usage.

That allows to run short-lifespan servers in the cloud without buying long-term services (which would mostly remain idle). Exactly what I need.

The only thing that wasn't too convenient at the moment was absence of public forums (whenever I tried to access them, I saw "Down for maintenance" sign). However, being a system administrator, I managed to handle setup/technical problems myself. Stay tuned for more news.