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The return

Good day, to all who reads this.

Several events postponed my return to the blog, starting with heart problems I suddenly had recently. However, below are some news, to be fuller described in the coming posts:
- GridVirt being added to the list of SSD-powered VPS providers. Judging by what I see, it can beat CleverKite, by cost/performance as well
- I had several of my sites defaced. Not a big problem, backups allowed me to revert everything back to life in 3 minutes since the moment I saw devastation. I will post security-related posts about that
- setting up VPS from a scratch an securing it: first steps, and I will use CloudSigma platform to demonstrate that. My experience with this company becomes more and more plesant
- I say goodbye to JaguarPC reseller hosting, moving all the sites I host for third persons elsewhere

...and much more. Stay tuned. Thanks!