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HostHatch: three weeks' impressions

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Three weeks has passed after I've started to use HostHatch' VPS. Normally, I consider three months a good amount of time to make conclusions; however, three weeks of using a VPS are valid to make first impressions.

The HostHatch's VPS is listed in the SSD VPS benchmarks chart, and the results are quite competitive. Currently, I am building a low-traffic auxiliary service (providing RSS feeds, backup service and other capabilities) on the mentioned VPS; during that process I am mostly monitoring uptime/parameters of the VPS.

For my purposes, I mostly utilize unmanaged VPS/cloud services. That means that my first and, in most cases the last support ticket is about establishing rDNS record(s). I can't judge about all the aspects of Support for that reason, except for the mentioned request was granted promptly.

The overall impression at this point is positive. VPS is well worth its price (in terms of uptime and efficiency) and its benchmarking parameters do not deteriorate.

Expect longer review, including analysis of other users' impressions when three or more months pass. Stay tuned!