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Creating hosting plans' entries

You could notice I haven't yet entered my recent SSD VPSes tests from SSDVirt, SSDvm and StormOnDemand.

The reason is I am transforming basic table representation of the chart into more convenient view, where every plan and hosting provider are separate documents in this blog.

That means the following will become possible when the switch is over:

  • sortable view of hosting plans
  • posting per-plan and per-provider reviews
  • creating 'Specials' page that could be simple to maintain — to notify you of any special offers by VPS hosting providers
and so on.

Sorry for the above delay. I suppose all the information will be entered and available to you during this week.

Important note. My average testing budget, to buy new VPSes/cloud severs to test is 100 USD a month. When it exhausts, I stop buying new servers. You do not need to offer me a free VPS to test — I will eventually order every one listed in the queue. However, if I am offered a test VPS, it will definitely speed up that process.

To hosting providers: I will definitely like to receive your special offers data and post it promptly. Stay tuned!