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There's a simple way to know a person better: to talk under informal circumstances. This is why I used to like literary conferences: the writers, whose books you like to read, can be talked to.

I have recently tested a VPS by a Netherlands hosting company Evixo, and I liked an opportunity to ask its owner several questions. I was always interested of the motivation to run a hosting business. Gerwim Feiken was kind enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Q: Judging by the domain's age, your company is quite young. Could you tell why you've started a hosting company?

A: We've had another website before for just shared hosting so we we're already in the business. However we wanted to host VPSs and go international, hence the young domain name.

Q: Xen HVM, as well as KVM, suite many a developer very well, since they have almost complete control over what OS is running. What kind of users do you expect to host?

A: Well it's a wide variety of users, from users who simply want to host some websites to users which need specific kernels for their tasks.

Q: These days, when everyone learnt a magically sounding word 'cloud', do you plan to make use of cloud technologies for hosting purposes (regardless of what you understand under these words)?

A: Yes. Not as big as Amazon obviously but really small. As in VPSs with high availability (failover). This is on our list and will come in the future.

Q: You offer a VPS reseller type of hosting. Do you plan to add 'pay as you go' type of reseller plan, for those users that can't estimate their actual need in hosting resources?

A: We've thought about this and it is an unique feature to see but we haven't spent enough time about that subject yet. We really like the idea of pay-as-you-go but if we introduce it, we want to do it really good so. Time will tell if it's going to happen.

Q: You offer IPv6 addresses along with the VPSes you sell. Could you estimate, whether this new family of networking protocol will be actually needed in the foreseeable future?

A: Yes. IPv4 are almost depleted so there is need for something else. We are more and more dependent on the internet, we are always connected and more people gain access to the internet (especially third-world countries). This creates the need for more devices, servers and so on.

To me, personally, the motivation «I do it because I can and I want» is well-known and most self-explaining: this is how books are being born. A real book, that will last decades to come and remain interesting, can only be written in this manner.

Internet services have many similar traits: unless they incarnate the inner goal to do something one's like and wishes to do, they won't stay long, remaining vivid and useful. I have seen many hosting companies come and go, to make such a conclusion.

I wish I could have a small talk to CEOs of every hoster I deal with. That could help a lot to make the final decision.