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"Martian #1 Choice In Web Hosting"

There's a hosting provider. I won't tell its name right now (if you are even somewhat curious, you will easily find it on this post) — I have performed some due diligence and looks like that's a good host. But that's not the point at the moment.

The point is whether there should be some limit, beyond which no marketeer's tricks should ever extend. When I opened that host's page yesterday, I saw a screen with this slogan (click on it, if you wish, to see it in full size):

No1 screen

Yes, that's true, I reside in Russian Federation. Geolocation works fine, my congratulations. A bold statement, however. I have contacted the host's Support immediately and they confirmed they do not offer support in Russian. To be honest, I expected something like that. Shall I explain why this host cannot be the mentioned #1 in Russian Federation?

So, where should a good host stop when advertising? Nowhere?

I am immune to the absolute majority of «catching words» and «buying statements». I will never order a hosting (or anything else) without even short due diligence, without finding out true reviews and so on. I will not buy a gadget/phone/car/whatever just because the President (or my boss, or my father, or Cthulhu the Great etc) uses it and tells how cool it is. If I buy anything, it must satisfy me to the fullest. End of story.

You might say that the above statements are but a marketing tool. Show me at least one host that would proudly name itself «USA #2 Choice In Web Hosting» or something like «World #3 Choice In Backup Solutions».

Of course they are all No 1s. There are no other numbers in marketeer's arithmetic: you are either No 1, or you are nobody. Kind of a binary system, isn't it? Zero — one. Nothing — everything. Any user with uid>0 — root user.

My dear hosting providers! There's only one No 1 hosting for me: the one I use at the moment for this very purpose I do care about. There are no other No 1s. Please take that easy and do not get overwhelmed with utter grief. But you can become No 1 for me, if you prove to me you can give me something I need badly, but do not have at the moment.

But the above proud (and false) statements will not do that. A customer can only be tricked once (we do not assume all the customers are both gullible and alternately intelligent — we are talking about an average, smart enough user).

So please remember that if I see the above when I visit your site, I will both consider you not too honest, and teach the same approach everyone who reads my words and does care about quality and good attitude.

I do not say your service is inferior. It might be the best possible service on the Net.

I do not say your attitude is horrible. Perhaps you are the hoster I dreamt about during all my life.

But to become a real #1 Choice, you must first convince me. And using tricks won't do that.

Nothing personal, of course. Have a nice business — and stay tuned!