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MediaTemple: a calm and friendly air envelops you...

MediaTemple, logo et al.

(mt) greets you with a friendly nod

A calm and friendly air envelops you, as you proceed beyond the temple's door. «May I help you?», asks a smiling monk, clad in bright robes, stepping forward towards you.

To choose a hosting provider is akin to choosing one's spouse. The stronger is your partnership, the better. Anyone who had an experience of moving sites between providers, knows what an ado it can be. Once upon a time, namely six years ago, I chose MediaTemple as the new home for my sites.

Look at their site, if you haven't yet. It is very peculiar, starting with a very modest and small logo. I can't say whether I have ever seen such a small logo sign. Nowadays hosters choose something big, bright, that can't be left unseen.

OK, ten and more years ago, when I was just starting to have most of my resources on sites, I chose almost blindly. With the obvious results. It's amazing that most providers I tried are either still alive, or reincarnated under another name. This is, as I mentioned, what I prefer above all the rest: stability. I prefer no news about multitude of new services, new datacenters, support for new devices blah blah blah... I prefer fewer news and better uptime. Definitely.

Upon the distant wall, green trees and flying birds are depicted, and you can hear the hustling of the wind and see movement of painted leaves as you approach...

I admire the approach of MediaTemple, and their love for the parentheses. (mt), (gs), (dv)... Those look like spells. Perhaps, they sound something magic as well. The hoster looks quite different with all those small interesting details, and you start to feel it's different.

So did I.

Edges of (gs)

Frankly, the problems with DB server was the real reason for my departure from MediaTemple. Nowadays, when I mastered the way to host the CMS and optimize all I can, it could be not that much a problem. I had everything else, including ssh access (I am a command line person), much space and bandwidth, and support, ready to assist. MediaTemple told on its Facebook page they do respond within 5 minutes on all the media channels. I can't say for 5 minutes with, and I didn't try them early in the night on the 1-st of January. But there were no real problems with the support.

Another reason I left (mt) is the lack of low-end plans, similar to modern low-end VPS plans. Even (gs) was an overkill to me, although I admired the vast amount of resources. (ve) and (dv) would be even more overkills. So, after I discovered that poor performance of SQL servers on (gs) can't be cured without big upgrade, I left. But no bitter feelings, now and in the past. It was a good house. I only couldn't fit my possessions in it as I liked.

As you leave, the monk shows you the way and tells before opening the door, «Come back if you are in need, we are always glad to help you».

Ah, the conclusion. It's simple: if a service by MediaTemple fit your needs, I suppose you should give them a try. My opinion is you won't regret that.

Perhaps it could be a pleasant place to work as a system administrator as well.

And yes, the italicized text was taken, with slight transformation, out of an ancient computer game. It's a game I always return to, from time to time. You can try to guess its name if you like.

More reviews to follow... Stay tuned!