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Farewell, Fedora - welcome, Ubuntu


Black Friday

Last Friday was a day of several hardware problems.

First, the DSL modem failed all of a sudden. While investigating the connectivity error with ISP, we've discovered their line is down due to another hardware failure from their side.

Almost at the same time, the HDD on my desktop indicated it can fail at any moment (I like S.M.A.R.T. for this chance to get warned).

The final: a long-planned upgrade to a SSD drive has taken place, and I switched, finally, from Fedora 16 to Ubuntu 12.04. To those interested, the model of SSD drive I use is Corsair Series 3.

Why Linux?

I should object against eternal Linux vs. Windows flamewar and say both systems require approximately the same amount of maintenance and other ado to make them clean and robust.

However, in case of Linux it's all for free. Yes, I lose ability to run modern super-duper games, or run monsters like Adobe Photoshop, but in my case it's not that much of a loss.

Why Ubuntu?

Fedora was my favorite Linux distribution since Fedora 9. However, at the moment I feel very displeased with this most advanced distribution.

I get tired to see mysterious software bugs. Methinks no one of Fedora 64-bit developers ever tried to use their OS with OpenLDAP-type authentication. Otherwise they would long spotted that Firefox and Thunderbird crash upon startup. And there are other examples of similar software behavior.

I get tired to see end-of-life of every distribution in a year, and get a bunch of bugs trying to upgrade to major versions. Reinstall, reinstall, reinstall...

Fedora is for developers and other courageous bugs busters. I need a stable, reliable OS where software piece do not become unusable and I am not advised «to wait for the next major OS version», when the mentioned problems are fixed.

This is why it is Ubuntu 12.04 (long term support release).

Any casualties?

In fact, no. Nothing of importance has been lost in the process. I am paranoid abut backups, and so they helped a lot. I stringly advise to catch that type of paranoia. It really helps.

What now?

Now I just move on. The testing of 'foreman' script (developed initially for another type of task), the one I will make publicly available and the one that will run all the benchmarks on your server, is almost over. Stay tuned.