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Home Private Cloud Server, 1Gb RAM, 50Gb, 7.95 USD

General data

Cloud servers provide the feel of a dedicated server with root access where you can install and customize all the software you wish. Cloud servers require more administration time but also gives end-users a much higher degree of control and isolation over their system.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, still offers the high availability and load balancing features of the cloud but offers a setup ready for web hosting without the root access. You can quickly get your site online and allow us to manage all the web hosting software for you. Cloud hosting is recommended more for beginners and servers for advanced users.

Important: the VPSes are OpenVZ-based, resources are shared. Read about usage limitations first.

Important: in the attached file with tests results you will see evenly growing number of random read IOPS count, far higher than the one present in the chart. Note though, that under OpenVZ environment there is no simple way to clear disk caches between subsequent tests, and the fact the parameter is always growing indicates cached data is used. Thus only 1-2 first results can show actual efficiency.

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Plan name: 
Private Cloud Server
Hosting provider: 
Datacenters locations: 
USA (Chicago Metro, IN)
USA (Chicago High Traffic, IL)
USA (Las Vegas)
USA (New York Metro, NJ)
7.95 USD
VPS general parameters
4x Intel Xeon L5420 2.50GHz
1 Gb
Disk space (Gb): 
Bandwidth (Gb): 
2 048
1 836.30
Sequential write speed: 
IOPS random read: 
3 665
IOPS random write: 
4 002
Total votes: 428
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