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Gift vs. Discount human

To gift is human, just as to err is.

I am quite serious. To share, to give away, to gift is very human. Just as to thank in any other way, even if most people forget to say «thank you» in most situations.

I will not deny the obvious, I have received quite a number of gift servers (VPSes, for example) since the moment VPS Seer started to exist. And I have never thought these gifts were meant to influence my conclusions, the tone and style of my reviews, whatever. People knowing me are aware that no gift can change my conclusions. Whatever it could be, it simply isn't worth the lost reputation.

Once again. I do not doubt the people having given me hosting resources just wished to express their gratitude. Just as I offer free hosting to a number of projects I deem interesting, without even the slightest intent to influence those people's opinion about me. I give just because it's human and I can.

However, in this imperfect world there are people who consider the fact of accepting any gift something very akin to, well, bribery.

So, if you are a hosting provider, and wish to express your gratitude for whatever positive results my reviews/whatever could bring to you, I suggest a simple solution: provide me with discounts, not gifts.

Cons for pros

An example. In you-know-which forum dedicated to you-know-what IT questions there are you-know-who considering any hint of using a gift server as the confession to accepting a bribe. If you ever venture to post a review using a gift resource, you're risking quite a lot.

However, if the service is still paid-for, there are no reasons to oppose any reviews of it.

Create a discount code that will only be available to readers of this blog. And I will help you promoting your services if I consider them worth promoting.

Create a discount for me personally, if you really wish to. There will be no objections.

I assure you, that will be much better. Being a paid customer gives a unique sensation of rewarding a good host.

I hope I haven't insulted anyone. Just let me remain your paid customer, that's all. Stay tuned!