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Introducing StormVZ, a new VPS hosting provider with reliable network and services to empower client websites.

StormVZ, as a VPS hosting provider we are very well aware of how important websites are to businesses and is more aware that the value and functionality of the website also depends on the performance of its web host. Excellent service and reliability is what matters and is what StormVZ is all about.

We are registered in the UK as as a limited company under StormVZ Ltd. Company Number: 08199520

Top 05 Reasons To Choose StormVz

Reliable Disk Drives

Forget the past where the SATA drives have numerous data failures in which you can loose your hard work, we use the best 15k RPM SAS drives and SSD's to power every VPS. In addition all our nodes have at least RAID1 or RAID10, incase a hard drive failure does occur we have a copy of everything but we don't expect this to happen as the drives we use are highly reliable as compared to standard VPS providers using SATA drives.

24/7/365 Technical Support

Our management operates between 9AM - 5PM UK Time regarding sales & billing queries but our technical support team is available 24x7. Our team is fully trained with years of experience to help you regarding any issues or technical questions you may have.

No Tied Contracts - Monthly Billing

We like to provide all our potential customers satisfaction, you can decide to pay for a month then upgrade to annually if you are satisfied with our service. You are not tied to any contract and can continue to pay monthly.

Secure Billing & Management

Our billing system and VPS management both have the highest 256 bit secured SSL to provide the highest security for all clients when inputting personal details. Furthermore, our billing system has been organisation validated so you know you can trust us as a legal business.

New Locations

We listen to our customers, if you want a new location we can certainly consider it! Simply submit a ticket to sales letting us know, regardless every so often we will implant new locations such as our recent New Jersey SSD node!

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