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SSD VPS performance chart


Important: some entries are still available from the previous (static, manually composed) version of the chart. When all the data are transformed into new format, the above chart will be discarded.

Note that you are able to comment on individual plans and hosting providers pages (follow the links in the table below).


SSD (solid state drives) are becoming more popular, as their lifetime limits (maximal cell write cycles number) are growing. There are quite few hosting providers offering SSD as primary/aditional disk drives for their customers; since the I/O performance of SSD drives is typically 2-3 orders of magnitude higher than that of traditional magnetic drives, SSD-based plans could be used for disk-intensive tasks, such as Web and other applications heavily using databases.

Below is a performance chart I started to compose for VPS/dedicated servers/cloud hosting utilizing SSD as primary/auxiliary storage option. If the chart grows too large, it will be spread over several pages.

Note that I order, whenever possible, the plans myself, so the speed of testing new providers is only limited by my monthly testing budget. Many thanks to those providers who offered their VPSes/cloud servers free of charge, for testing purposes.

Three primary results are given for the tested hosting plans: UnixBench, sequential write speed of a 1Gb file and random read/random write IOPS ratings. Scroll down to find what software is used and what commands were given to collect the information.

Note: this page will be constantly updated, visit it at a later time to see more entries/comments. See also the original thread on WHT.

Note: the tests won't give the same results if run again. That's normal. I ran several tests in different times of day and selected those most average. You can supply your version of tests to include in the table below. Thanks in advance.

Note: on a crowded host machine, as more customers get their VPS, the performance will inevitably deteriorate, simply because the same disk operations are shared among many users. Dedicated server and, at certain types of cloud hosting could provide you more or less constant performance.

Note: I recommend also visiting alternate benchmarking-related sites, such as ServerBear's Web Server Performance Leaderboard.

SSD VPS/DS/cloud plans benchmarks

The results are given in 'newest first' order (sorted by provider's domain name). Visit individual plans pages for more information, including links to the entire benchmarking results.

Note: the table is sortable by any column, except for datacenter locations. Note also that prices are in different currencies, so unless I figure out simple way transforming them into desired currency and contract period, sorting by price will result in unexpected outcome.

Plan namesort descending Hosting provider Datacenter(s) Price Type RAM UnixBench score IOPS (random read) IOPS (random write)
1024MB CVZ USA (Macon) 15 USD OpenVZ 1 Gb 3 431.40 95 314 28 849
1024MB SVZ USA (Atlanta) 10.5 USD (special) OpenVZ 1Gb 3 921.70 119 175 31 310
256Mb SKVM USA (Atlanta) 8 USD KVM 0.25 Gb 1 445.10 26 439 14 701
2Gb RAM 15Gb SSD special UK (London), UK (Manchester), Germany, Austria, USA (Fremont), USA (Ashburn) Special kvm 2 Gb 1 811.90 34 929 21 475
Acceleron USA (Dallas) 1249 USD dedicated server 32 Gb DDR3 ECC 6 316.50 36 488 21 528
Droplet 256Mb Netherlands (Amsterdam), USA (New York) N/A KVM 0.25 Gb 458.40 4 086 396
Droplet 512Mb Netherlands (Amsterdam), USA (New York) 5 USD KVM 0.5 Gb 991.90 5 122 3 120
Golden Mean (1Gb RAM/8Gb disk SSD) UK (London), UK (Manchester) 13 GBP KVM 1 Gb 1 758.80 51 108 46 818
KVM 256mb + 4Gb disk (custom) USA (New York, Buffalo) 6.82 USD KVM 0.25 Gb 1 691.00 82 987 10 289
KVM 512 SSD Netherlands (Alblasserdam) 10 GBP KVM 0.5 Gb 2 880.30 26 000 27 174
KVM 512mb USA (Piscataway, New Jersey) 16 USD KVM 0.5 Gb 2 660.60 33 564 21 001
kvm5 Singapore 46.99 USD KVM 1.5 Gb 1 657.80 3 775 1 310
Level 5 USA (Chicago) 119 USD N/A 6 Gb 2 346.80 5 236 7 748
Minimal SSD USA (Lombard, IL) 24.12 USD KVM 0.5 Gb 1 037.40 43 405 21 941
OpenVZ Standard USA (New York) 5 USD OpenVZ 0.5 Gb 1 667.50 7 650 9 357
Private Cloud Server USA (Chicago Metro, IN), USA (Chicago High Traffic, IL), USA (Las Vegas), USA (New York Metro, NJ) 7.95 USD OpenVZ 1 Gb 1 836.30 3 665 4 002
Roll Your Own Cloud VPS USA (Las Vegas) 3.95 USD OpenVZ 0.25 Gb 736.00 4 648 5 819
Shark 512OVZ USA (Piscataway, NJ) 5.99 USD OpenVZ 0.5 Gb 4 542.40 117 203 96 782
Special N/A OpenVZ 24 Gb 2 005.90 88 027 38 473
SSD #1 USA (Orlando, Florida) 5.99 USD (special) OpenVZ 0.125 Gb 3 580.20 106 519 29 480


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