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SSD VPS performance chart


Important: this page is no longer updated. All the hosting providers/plans data are now created as independent entities.

All the actual entries are now added to a new SSD VPS performance chart (with sortable representation). When all the entries from this page are transferred, the mentioned link will become the only chart available. You will be able to comment on individual plans and hosting providers pages.


SSD (solid state drives) are becoming more popular, as their lifetime limits (maximal cell write cycles number) are growing. There are quite few hosting providers offering SSD as primary/aditional disk drives for their customers; since the I/O performance of SSD drives is typically 2-3 orders of magnitude higher than that of traditional magnetic drives, SSD-based plans could be used for disk-intensive tasks, such as Web and other applications heavily using databases.

Below is a performance chart I started to compose for VPS/dedicated servers/cloud hosting utilizing SSD as primary/auxiliary storage option. If the chart grows too large, it will be spread over several pages.

Note that I order the plans myself, so the speed of testing new providers is only limited by my monthly testing budget. Many thanks to those providers who offered their VPSes/cloud servers free of charge, for testing purposes.

Three primary results are given for the tested hosting plans: UnixBench, sequential write speed of a 1Gb file and random read/random write IOPS ratings. Scroll down to find what software is used and what commands were given to collect the information.

Note: this page will be constantly updated, visit it at a later time to see more entries/comments. See also the original thread on WHT.

Note: the tests won't give the same results if run again. That's normal. I ran several tests in different times of day and selected those most average. You can supply your version of tests to include in the table below. Thanks in advance.

Note: on a crowded host machine, as more customers get their VPS, the performance will inevitably deteriorate, simply because the same disk operations are shared among many users. Dedicated server and, at certain types of cloud hosting could provide you more or less constant performance.

Note: I recommend also visiting alternate benchmarking-related sites, such as ServerBear's Web Server Performance Leaderboard.

SSD VPS/DS/cloud plans benchmarks

The results are given in alphabetical order (sorted by provider's domain name). Wherever possible, hardware specs are given. zip link is a link to the archive with all the results (text files) included. Download them to gain all the info.

Plan / price / technologyDatacentersSSD modelCPURAMUBDDIOPS
Level 5
119 USD/mo
(******) zip
USA (Chicago, Las Vegas)Samsung 830s (cache)6x Xeon L5420 2.5Ghz6Gb2346.878252367748
30 USD/mo
VMWare VSphere zip
USA (Chicago)
Germany (Frankfurt)
OCZ Vertex 3i7 2600 3.40Ghz4Gb1678.73523208439633
Avante Hosting
Silver (standard performance)
35 USD/mo
(?) zip
Crucial M4's or Samsung 830 seriesXeon E31230 3.20GHz2Gb696.92742124816353
Blue Light Host
Medium VM
15 GBP/mo
XEN/KVM mix zip
UK (London)
UK (Birmingham)
USA (East Coast)
N/A(**)4x Xeon E5645 2.40GHz4Gb1147.0107230198108
70 USD/mo (*)
(?) zip
Intel 320s and Samsung 830s4x Xeon E31270 3.40GHz1.5Gb3908.837611362755454
custom: 2GHz
no minimal price, see here
KVM zip
Switzerland (Zürich)
USA (Las Vegas)
N/A1x AMD Opteron 2427 2.20GHz2.0Gb750.82952359110053
SSD DotBlock 1
39.95 USD/mo
KVM zip
QEMU Virtual CPU 3.00GHz3Gb699.7283074932
Atom/SSD dedicated
12 EUR/mo
none (dedicated server) zip
France (Paris)Adata S396Atom D410 1.66GHz1Gb288.09939869077
40 USD/mo
KVM zip
USA (Coloinseattle Tukwila)IntelQEMU virtual CPU 3.1GHz x 41.5Gb3050.61400135536135501
HostHatch Inc
VPS 1GBit NL 2
55 USD/mo
XEN zip
Rotterdam (Netherlands)Crucial M4's (512GB) and Samsung 830 SSDs2x Xeon E31230 3.20GHz1Gb + 1Gb1211.75012982534777
750 RUR/mo
XEN zip
Russia (Moscow) i7 3820 3.60GHz1Gb690.01534344811327
Infinitie Networks
Xpress RS SSD
9.95 USD/mo
Xen/OpenVZ zip
OCZ Vortex III SATA III2x i7 2600 3.40GHz1Gb+0.5Gb1224.05014122819625
Killer IO
6 GBP/mo
KVM zip
UK, Kent (Custodian DC) N/AIntel Xeon E3 3GHz0.25Gb1532.13933716 (***) (59456)1778 (28448)
7.50 GBP/mo
OpenVZ zip
UK Intel 320sXeon W3520 2.67GHz0.5Gb+0.5Gb1094.53464216321769
Double Pie
14 USD/mo
OpenVZ zip
USA (Kansas City)Kingston SSDs4x AMD FX(tm)-4100 3.60GHz1.0Gb+1.0Gb1111.5217252722640
15 EUR/mo
KVM zip
Italy (Milan)Intel 520 SSDSC2CW242x Xeon E31270 3.4GHz1.5Gb2372.24964775717433
6 USD/mo
OpenVZ zip
USA (Dallas)Intel 320 models2x Xeon E31230 3.20GHz0.5Gb2448.42899058929475
RamNode (*****)
6 USD/mo
OpenVZ zip
USA (Dallas)Samsung 830 (256Gb each)2x Xeon E3-1230v2 3.30GHz0.5Gb2461.55199724369000
SSD Nodes
Acceleron DS
1249 USD/mo
none (dedicated server) zip
USA (Dallas, SoftLayer DAL01)Micron P3008 x Xeon E3-1270 3.4GHz32Gb6316.5194536488 (****)21528
Stylex Networks
6.99 USD/mo
Xen zip
USA (Los Angeles, MultaCON datacenter) 4 x Xeon E5645 2.4GHz0.25Gb / 0.5Gb1162.13675051019037
Cloud 2
10 USD/mo
(******) zip
USA (Chicago, Las Vegas)Samsung 830s (cache)2x Xeon L5420 2.5Ghz1Gb1187.475457827441
31.99 USD/mo
OpenVZ zip
USA (Chicago) 4x i3 540 3.07GHz1Gb+1Gb2586.61653431014415
VPS Blast
4.99 USD/mo
OpenVZ zip
Germany (Hetzner DC)OCZ Vertex-3Intel i7 2600 3.4GHz0.25Gb + 0.125Gb1239.22382604740226
6.99 USD/mo
OpenVZ/KVM zip
France (OVH)Intel 320s (300 Gb)Xeon W3530 2.80GHz1.0Gb+0.25Gb359.2991358611429

*: note that CleverKite's least expensive plan, worth 35 USD/mo, would give basically the same ratings.

**: it means the hosting provider prefers not to disclose their hardware components details.

***: IOPS capacity id distributed across all co-hosted VPSes. Thus, since VPS1 is hosted in amounts 16 per server, the overall capacity should be multiplied by 16 (values in parentheses).

****: the provider's management gave 170K random read IOPS. Unfortunately, the below tool gave lesser value. There are many factors that could influence the results (note that I, for example, flush caches before running fio one more time).

*****: this alternative configuration uses the following servers components: E3-1230v2, 4x256GB Samsung 830 SSD32GB RAM.

******: SSD-cached configurations.

Technical details

Important: number of CPUs ('virtual cores') reported by UnixBench is usually taken from /proc/cpuinfo, or similar facility and may differ from actual CPU capability of the host computer.

For the UB (UnixBench) rating, Byte UnixBench was used. Standard 'make', './Run' commands were used to generate the results available.

For the I/O throughput measurement, Iozone Filesystem Benchmark is used. Although its results aren't shown in the table above, you can download .ZIP file containing all the used testing data, Iozone included. The following commands were used for every VPS/DS tested:

./iozone -O -R -a | tee -a report/auto.out
./iozone -O -R -r 4k -s 1m | tee -a report/1m.out
./iozone -O -R -r 4k -s 10m | tee -a report/10m.out
./iozone -O -R -r 4k -s 100m | tee -a report/100m.out
./iozone -O -R -r 4k -s 1000m | tee -a report/1000m.out

To gain IOPS random read/write ratings, fio tool was used. A test involving 32 processes, reading/writing out of/to 128Mb files in blocks of 4k during 10 seconds. The commands used to test are:

# wait 1 to 15 seconds
sync ; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
fio --bs=4k --size=128m --direct=1 --runtime=10 --rw=randread \
     --numjobs=32 --group_reporting --time_based --name=128m | \
    tee -a iops-32jobs-128m-4k-10sec-randread.txt
# wait 1 to 15 seconds
sync ; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
fio --bs=4k --size=128m --direct=1 --runtime=10 --rw=randwrite \
    --numjobs=32 --group_reporting --time_based --name=128m | \
    tee -a iops-32jobs-128m-4k-10sec-randwrite.txt

To obtain DD, sequential writing speed (in megabytes per second, MB/s), the following command was used:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/2gb.dat bs=8k count=256k conv=fdatasync

The queue

The following hosting providers are in the queue at the moment (I will order a VPS from them and run tests as soon as possible, '*' means in process):

  • (*)
  • (*)
  • (*)
  • (*)
  • (*)

If you could suggest more providers, please contact me.


I greatly appreciate the offers by Avante Hosting, CleverKite, GridVirt, VirtualSRV, KillerIO, Prometeus, SSD Nodes, HostHatch Inc, RockMyWeb DBA (on both its services, and,, Castleweb Ltd,,,, ThePrimeHost and representatives who kindly provided me with test VPSes and/or dedicated servers, respectively.

I greatly appreciate assistance of doughnet @ WHT having sent me the benchmark data on Pieserv SSD VPS mentioned above.

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