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Limited time offer: 30% off prices, a well-known cloud hosting services provider, sent me a note today about new 30% off pricing for their cloud VPS plans.

To those in a hurry: here are the prices as a chart. Just click on the picture to try that for real.

Impressed with prices? Me, too. I was so impressed, that I have created a VPS, to serve as a backup mail service for myself.


To be, or not to be: no support is best support

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Good support is...

...dead support, perhaps. I do not assume we are talking about dreams of vengeful customer that gets actually no support when he assumes to have one. The examples are many. Search on a popular hosting forum for something like «bad support» and you will get thousands of threads.

No, I am speaking about companies that build their business model on limited or virtually absent support.

If you wish to see examples, visit No Support Linux Hosting or Both are solid, reliable Web hosters with good reputation.