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KeyCDN: first impressions first

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In quest of CDN

Sites should work fast, pages should load quickly. This axiom of Web hosting is too trivial, yet it's the cornerstone of sites popularity.

My recent study, namely SSD-based hosting, showed that it didn't result in lightning fast sites all over the 'Net. Superfast storage becomes more and more common, but sites are, were and will require optimization. One of them is serving rarely changed content off content delivery network, CDN.

I have had experience with several CDNs. To name a few most interesting: MaxCDN, CDN77, Amazon CloudFront. At the dawn of 2014 summer I had to start looking for a CDN to migrate to. Believe me or not, but KeyCDN was the second I found when searching for corresponding keywords, and it took quite little time to decide to give it a try.

Costs, speed and so on isn't exactly what matters. Every hosting is good when everything's running smooth. Attitude to customers is what makes difference. I like the attitude at KeyCDN.