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HostHatch: three weeks' impressions

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Three weeks has passed after I've started to use HostHatch' VPS. Normally, I consider three months a good amount of time to make conclusions; however, three weeks of using a VPS are valid to make first impressions.


CloudSigma: build ye cloud

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Remain in control

There are many cloud providers nowadays. Depending on what you expect, you can choose from a variety of hosts. Some are standardized, as those using OnApp, others are using proprietary interfaces and APIs. I have already tested a number of providers, to name a few: Amazon EC2, RackSpace Cloud, Elastic Hosts, HP Cloud, GoDaddy Cloud Servers, GreenQloud, OpSource, VPS Farm, GigeNet Cloud.

As a developer, I often need ability to build/clone VPS/cloud server with predefined parameters. To run it and to stop it at will. To pay only for what I need, to use whatever OS I need, to have my servers persistent — i.e., even when stopped, they should retain all the configuration.

To sum up, talking of IaaS-type of providers (infrastructure as a service), at the moment I found CloudSigma matches my demands, even if it's not the least expensive provider on the Net. The price becomes not that important, due to a number of advantages, to name a few:

  • when using pay-as-you-go billing, I only get billed every 5 minutes (typical minimal billing period in the cloud industry is 1 hour)
  • advanced APi allows me to run/stop/etc my servers whenever I wish to, fully unattended
  • I can switch my servers off when they aren't really used; thus I will only pay low price for the storage the server uses

And so on. Friendly and capable support is also what I receive at CloudSigma, as my own experience confirms. Below I provide a brief introduction to what you will see when you begin using CloudSigma resources.


CloudSigma: clouds in Zurich

I have found reference to CloudSigma on a WHT board, and was eager to learn more, since this cloud hosting provider was also offering SSD storage for high I/O applications.


HP Cloud Service benchmarks

Earlier today I announced I have started testing HP cloud services (now in public beta). You are welcome to try them, too, for at least one reason: they offer 50% discount for all beta testers, during the Beta phase.


HP Cloud Service Public Beta - commencing tests

If you follow cloud computing news, you could notice HP moved its cloud services to public beta state.

That's a good time to start the testing, this is exactly what I am about to do. Expect the usual tests results in immediate future.

First impression after sign up: the interface is quite Spartan (but convenient) and intuitive. Stay tuned, I'm into another cloud, first results will appear today.