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BlueVM: KVM April offer


BlueVM: really inexpensive KVM plans

You might hear about BlueVM, a known OpenVZ/KVM VPS provider from Colordao Springs, CO, USA.

Share/Save limited time offer: up to 30% off prices for cloud VPSes logo

Limited time offer: 30% off prices, a well-known cloud hosting services provider, sent me a note today about new 30% off pricing for their cloud VPS plans.

To those in a hurry: here are the prices as a chart. Just click on the picture to try that for real.

Impressed with prices? Me, too. I was so impressed, that I have created a VPS, to serve as a backup mail service for myself.


GridVirt: switch to hyperspeed

GridVirt logo

SSD-based VPS providers are appearing in quantities the last few months. When I started to compose SSD VPS performance chart, I was just looking for a good inexpensive (in terms of cost-performance) VPS suitable for my sites with their greedy CMS, using DB intensely.