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news limited time offer: up to 30% off prices for cloud VPSes logo

Limited time offer: 30% off prices, a well-known cloud hosting services provider, sent me a note today about new 30% off pricing for their cloud VPS plans.

To those in a hurry: here are the prices as a chart. Just click on the picture to try that for real.

Impressed with prices? Me, too. I was so impressed, that I have created a VPS, to serve as a backup mail service for myself.


Good-bye, BlueLightHost - welcome, Contabo



I started using VPS/cloud services of BlueLightHost in late April, 2012. Since I am now leaving their hosting facility (more about that below), I suppose it could be fair to provide review.


Farewell, Fedora - welcome, Ubuntu


Black Friday

Last Friday was a day of several hardware problems.

First, the DSL modem failed all of a sudden. While investigating the connectivity error with ISP, we've discovered their line is down due to another hardware failure from their side.

Almost at the same time, the HDD on my desktop indicated it can fail at any moment (I like S.M.A.R.T. for this chance to get warned).

The final: a long-planned upgrade to a SSD drive has taken place, and I switched, finally, from Fedora 16 to Ubuntu 12.04. To those interested, the model of SSD drive I use is Corsair Series 3.


SSD Nodes: clone your servers

SSD Nodes logo

It becomes hard to select the optimal type of host from the variety of SSD VPS providers (new ones are appearing literally every day). Naturally, I prefer choosing those that take into account customers' suggestions.


Adding list of budget VPS plans

You can see a new link in the upper menu, «Budget VPS plans».

Generally, it's a list of low-price VPS plans. Most of them are taken from WebHostingTalk's VPS offers forum. Some of them are plans I personally used or use. In this case, you will find personal remarks on the corresponding plan's page.

Note that the quickest means to inform me of a plan worth placing into the chart is to contact me via site contact form (see in the navigation menu).


Creating hosting plans' entries

You could notice I haven't yet entered my recent SSD VPSes tests from SSDVirt, SSDvm and StormOnDemand.

The reason is I am transforming basic table representation of the chart into more convenient view, where every plan and hosting provider are separate documents in this blog.

That means the following will become possible when the switch is over:


The return

Good day, to all who reads this.


HP Cloud Service Public Beta - commencing tests

If you follow cloud computing news, you could notice HP moved its cloud services to public beta state.

That's a good time to start the testing, this is exactly what I am about to do. Expect the usual tests results in immediate future.

First impression after sign up: the interface is quite Spartan (but convenient) and intuitive. Stay tuned, I'm into another cloud, first results will appear today.