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Limited time offer: 30% off prices, a well-known cloud hosting services provider, sent me a note today about new 30% off pricing for their cloud VPS plans.

To those in a hurry: here are the prices as a chart. Just click on the picture to try that for real.

Impressed with prices? Me, too. I was so impressed, that I have created a VPS, to serve as a backup mail service for myself.



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Combo test drive

SSD disks are fast, but expensive; «usual» drives (SAS, SATA) are less expensive, but slower.

Which to prefer?

Note that I asked you an incorrect question. No one says there can't be two types of storage available at the same time. Just as in case of earlier, Openvirtuals offers two types of storage: SSD and SATA at the same time. After having etsted that, I admit this is a good offer: fast I/O isn't that important for all the tasks; in my case, rarely used data are often stored elsewhere, and frequently used ones (database files, for example) are on faster media.

That's simple.

However, I liked Openvirtuals, since I happened to notice how do they handle conflicts with their customers. And I liked the way they did that.

Share/Save in quest of cost-performance

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Solid state of things

Solid state drives (SSD) are changing the entire hosting industry, swiftly and thoroughly. Less than a year ago you could hardly find many hosting providers offering SSD-based hosting solutions. Now there are dozens and hundreds of those.

I will not try to describe the story of SSD technology or unveil myths (there are many). However, higher prices of SSDs is a fact, and thus the task was to find the provider with the best cost-performance and I/O speed, simultaneously. I will mention the whole list of providers I tested in one of the following posts. Atthe moment, though, looks like is at the moment the leader in cost-performance.


SSD Nodes: clone your servers

SSD Nodes logo

It becomes hard to select the optimal type of host from the variety of SSD VPS providers (new ones are appearing literally every day). Naturally, I prefer choosing those that take into account customers' suggestions.


GridVirt: switch to hyperspeed

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SSD-based VPS providers are appearing in quantities the last few months. When I started to compose SSD VPS performance chart, I was just looking for a good inexpensive (in terms of cost-performance) VPS suitable for my sites with their greedy CMS, using DB intensely.


CloudSigma: clouds in Zurich

I have found reference to CloudSigma on a WHT board, and was eager to learn more, since this cloud hosting provider was also offering SSD storage for high I/O applications.