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Servers testing

SSD-based hosting is not something too new, hosters are appearing in dozens. I am already unable to follow and purchase new VPSes, just because it takes more and more time. I will do that, of course, but it's impossible already to even count all of them.

SSD-powered hosting (untested)

Below I list domain names of SSD-powered hosting I haven't yet tested. This list grows, so you could visit it from time to time. All details I know about hosting type will be added in parentheses.

SSD-powered hosting: (shared), (VPS game servers), (OpenVZ VPS), (shared/reseller), (VPS), (VPS), (VPS), (VPS), (shared, SSD cached), (dedicated), (Xen VPS), (shared, MySQL on SSD), (VPS), (cloud KVM VPS), (VPS), (dedicated), (VPS), (shared), (OpenVZ and KVM VPS), (shared/reseller), (VPS), (shared/reseller), (VPS), (VPS), (cloud Xen VPS), (shared), (shared, Minecraft), (shared), (shared/reseller), (shared), (OpenVZ VPS), (VPS, SSD-cached), (VPS), (VPS), (VPS).